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Guru Prasadam is a purely vegetarian, natural blend of a special type of carom seed (ajwainee), herbs, and herbal extracts prepared whilst chanting sacred mantras. Guru Prasadam is natural, generally safe, and very effective.

In terms of Ayurveda, Guru Prasadam targets three core bodily processes, as follows:

  • Gastric and digestive problems
  • Pain disorders of all different kinds
  • Mucus and phlegm formation & blockages

Almost all health problems stem from one or all of these disordered processes. The combination of herbs in Guru Prasadam re-balances the processes. Bodily purification, via detoxification, begins from day one. The healing herbs in Guru Prasadam start correcting the dysfunctions that were built up over time due to an imbalanced lifestyle, including bad diet and stress. Healing is stimulated in the very first dose. With repeated consumption of Guru Prasadam, the body is better able to fight against all health issues, big and small. The immune system, as well as the other systems of the body, function better, yielding many health benefits, as reported below:

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