Benefits Of GuruPrasadam’s SUPER KIDZ Nutrition Drink :

The Worlds Most Advanced Protein drink For kids it has twice the amount of protein than any other ordinary kid’s drink

1 Whole Day Full Super Hero Energy – Superkidz Contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep your kids full of energy the whole day.

2 Promotes Growth – superkidz contains the amino acids that are needed to keep your kids growing healthy and strong.

3 Conducive To Hormone Production – As Your Children pass into Puberty, Their bodies Will Begin to Produce Hormones. Superkidz Drink Helps In the production and distribution of those hormones.

4 Aids In Healthy Weight Gain – Many Children are pass suffering from Malnutrition Today in India. But adding protein powder to your child’s diet can help them to Gain Healthy muscle Weight. Not only will it speed up their metabolism, but it will help them to feel energetic throughout the day.

5 Boost Immune System – Not only Will whey Protein For Kids Help To develop Strong Muscles. But It can boost their natural defenses against infection.

GURUPRASADAM finally brings to India a highly Energized Nutritional Drink for Kids that looks after their complete Dietary needs.

GURUPRASADAM after years of research and testing brings to you, finally an international gold standard high Quality nutritional drink specially made from pure whey protein from Ireland and new Zealand. Every scoop comes with a personal Guruprasadam Seal of Quality.

GuruPrasadam’s SUPER KIDZ Nutrition Drink