General Disclaimer

Guru Prasadam is offered, on a non-profit basis, as a blessing for well-being. Guru Prasadam is not intended or warranted to be a specific medical treatment for any particular disease. Consumers take full responsibility for accepting and consuming Guru Prasadam, for themselves or others. Therefore, the consumer agrees to release Sant Trilochan Das-ji and all associated parties and associated charitable organizations worldwide, of all and any liabilities, current and future. If the consumer has any specific questions or concerns about any symptoms, acute or chronic, before or after starting Guru Prasadam, medical advice should be sought out.

Website Disclaimer

This website is not intended to offer diagnostic or therapeutic or medical advice. The web designers wish to inform the reader that Guru Prasadam, as presented on or through this website, has not been evaluated by any governmental Food and Drug Administrations, and nor is Guru Prasadam officially approved for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of disease.
The web designers emphasize that any products, services, and any other content and information that may be provided on this website directly, or by linking to third-party websites, is offered for informational purposes only.

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