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Helpful in 51 Ailments - 51 CARE NORMAL GURU PRASADAM


₹ 333 Ex Tax: ₹ 333

51 CARE NORMAL GURU PRASADAM Nowadays everyone is so busy chasing their needs and wants, that we often tend to neglect our health. We don’t ea..

51 Care Original Guru Prasadam


₹ 333 Ex Tax: ₹ 333

51 CARE ORIGINAL GURU PRASADAM51 Care GuruPrasadam contains potent natural herbs; it has been historically proven to aid with digestion, gastric probl..

Anemia Care, Ayurvedic treatment for Anaemia, Herbal Cure for Anaemia

Anemia Care

₹ 573 Ex Tax: ₹ 573

Anemia Care Being one of the most common ailments, anemia especially affects women around the world. Anemia is regarded as a condition which is a res..

Arthritis Spondylitis Care, Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain

Arthritis/Spondylitis Care

₹ 1,358 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,358

Arthritis/Spondylitis CareArthritis : The key to deal with arthritis is to keep your body in motion. Yoga asanas offer an excellent exercise for ..

Arthro Care Plus


₹ 230 Ex Tax: ₹ 230

Arthro Care PlusArthro Care Plus is an herbal medication which is formulated with advanced joint support principle. The medication made by GuruPrasada..

Arthro Care - Osteoarthritis, Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain


₹ 230 Ex Tax: ₹ 230

Arthro Care TabletsGuruPrasadam ‘Arthro Care’ has been made by our meticulous team of experts by using quality tested herbs. Arthro Care relieves infl..

Asthma Care, herbal medicine for asthma, Ayurvedic treatment asthma

Asthma Care

₹ 903 Ex Tax: ₹ 903

Asthma Care Yoga can help treat asthma, it no longer is a myth, yes, it does truly exist. Yoga and breathing go alongside, and if there’s any ailmen..

Asthma Care, Ayurvedic medicine for Asthma


₹ 250 Ex Tax: ₹ 250

Asthma CareAsthma is a serious, at times life-threatening respiratory ailment that may affect the quality of life of people, if not taken proper medic..

Cancer Care

Cancer Care

₹ 2,176 Ex Tax: ₹ 2,176

Cancer In its myriad form, cancer is no less than a war. It is a clash with both the treatment and the disease. The unbearable weakness that follows ..

Canso Care, Cancer Care, Ayurvedic medicine for Cancer, Herbal treatment for cancer

Canso Care

₹ 300 Ex Tax: ₹ 300

Canso CareCancer is an accumulation of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth and spreads or invades to various other parts of the body. Cancer ce..

Cardio Care Guru Prasadam


₹ 333 Ex Tax: ₹ 333

CARDIO CARE GURU PRASADAMHealthy blood flow is important for equal distribution of oxygen and nutrients all through the body. Since it is the only mea..

Cardio Care

Cardio Care Tablets

₹ 500 Ex Tax: ₹ 500

Cardio Care TabletThe number of heart patients is increasing by every passing day. Every now and then, we are hearing of someone going through some so..

Cervical Pain Care, Ayurvedic Neck Pain Medicine

Cervical Pain Care

₹ 713 Ex Tax: ₹ 713

Cervical Pain Care Office work culture these days leads to long sitting hours in a particular posture. It has taken a toll on health paradigm; physic..

Coliticare Plus, Ulcerative colitis, Ulceration

Coliticare Plus

₹ 300 Ex Tax: ₹ 300

Coliticare PlusUlcerative Colitis is an inflammatory bowel ailment that causes ulceration and inflammation of the inner lining of the rectum and colon..

Coliticare Tablet, Ulcerative Colitis


₹ 300 Ex Tax: ₹ 300

Coliticare TabletUlcerative colitis is one among those chronic diseases of the large intestine that is also known by the name of the colon. In this ai..

Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough & Cold Care


₹ 220 Ex Tax: ₹ 220

Cough & Cold CareIn order to stay at the top of the game, a healthy body is of prime importance to us. It is only when a person is fit and fine, m..

Bhagandar Care, Ayurvedic treatment for Bhagandar Care

Fistula(Bhagandar) Care

₹ 883 Ex Tax: ₹ 883

Fistula(Bhagandar) Care Fistula is a medical name given to an abnormal channel which links two cavities of the body, such as, rectum and vagina. On..

Hernia Care

Hernia Care

₹ 563 Ex Tax: ₹ 563

Hernia Yog Hernia refers to body tissue projecting through the cavity wall. Hernia can be painful, unsightly, and uncomfortable; and may even become ..

Hernica Care


₹ 230 Ex Tax: ₹ 230

Hernia CareAyurveda describes hernia as swelling of the intestine. With time, swelling causes the abdominal wall to deteriorate, resulting in swelled ..

High Cholesterol Care Yog

High Cholesterol Care Yog

₹ 1,192 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,192

High Cholesterol Care Yog Cholesterol, a lipid found in the blood stream which is generally regarded as toxic to the body. However, cholesterol is al..

IBS / Ulcer Care

IBS/Ulcer Care

₹ 933 Ex Tax: ₹ 933

IBS/Ulcer Care Yog Known by the name of Acid Peptic Disease (APD) nowadays , peptic ulcer is defined as swelling of the inner lining of the stomach b..

Infection Care Guru Prasadam


₹ 333 Ex Tax: ₹ 333

INFECTION CARE GURU PRASADAM Ayurveda has now been clinically proven to cure or prevent various infectious diseases. Many Ayurvedic herbs and plants ..

Kidney Care

Kidney Care

₹ 793 Ex Tax: ₹ 793

Kidney Care Yog Kidneys perform several vital functions, like, filtering the waste through blood purification. They maintain blood pressure level, s..

Liver Care


₹ 230 Ex Tax: ₹ 230

Liver Care TabletsThe liver is regarded as engine and processing plant of the human body which is responsible for the production, digestion, and metab..

Man Care


₹ 350 Ex Tax: ₹ 350

Man CareMen now not just care about their toned-up muscles, but mental wellness has become equally important to them. The way they are now dealing wit..

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