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Dear brothers and sisters all over the world I, Sant Trilochan Darshan Das-Ji, send you my greetings and well wishes.

I have been a spiritual teacher since the age of 9 years, following in the footsteps of my late father and guru, Satguru Hazur Mahraz Darshan Das-ji. His mission, 1972-1987, was to serve humanity, create unity and peace across the world, and to administer healing, under the spiritual auspices of Guru Nanak Dev-ji (1469-1539). During his time as a spiritual guru, Satguru Hazur Mahraz Darshan Das-ji healed many thousands of people in India and in the United Kingdom. His main healing modalities were prayer, blessings, holy water and Guru Prasadam.
My guru’s mission is called Das Dharam. The word Das means one who provides service. Dharam means a path of principles. Das Dharam provides spiritual teachings in the context of giving love, care, service, and healing.
I have been serving this mission since 1987. My main spiritual centre is in Delhi, India. For more information please see In mid-2015, I had the spiritual awakening to re-introduce Satguru Hazur Mahraz Darshan Das-ji’s sacred Guru Prasadam. Indeed, it is now my great pleasure and honour to present Guru Prasadam to each and every one of you.
My blessings are with you as you use this blessed blend of natural herbs and herbal extracts for your well-being.

Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala
Sant Trilochan Darshan Das Ji

Sant Trilochan Darshan Das Ji

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