What is Guru Prasadam ?


The word Guru means spiritual enlightener. Prasadam means blessing. Guruprasadam means “the blessing of the Guru”. This spiritualised herbal preparation of Guru Prasadam is a blessing from Sant Trilochan Darshan Das-ji. The blend contains natural spice, herbs, and herbal extracts, all formulated for enhanced well-being.

Apart from spiritual benefits, how does Guru Prasadam enhance well-being ?

Thousands of people have reported benefits such as reduction in stomach acidity, better digestion, relief from constipation, pain reduction, less arthritic pain, better diabetic control, better control of blood pressure, improvement in heart symptoms, improved mental calmness, better sleep, enhanced mood, and a much better ability to fight off serious illnesses.

What is in Guru Prasadam ?

Guruprasadam is a purely vegetarian natural blend of carom (ajwainee), herbs, and herbal extracts, prepared in the Sachkhand Loni Darbar Sahib centre, under the spiritual auspices of Sant Trilochan Darshan Das ji.

Who can consume Guru Prasadam, and when ?

Everyone from the age of two years and upwards can take Guru Prasadam. Children, and persons who have serious illnesses should take a reduced amount. Guru Prasadam is to be taken in the evening after dinner, only once a day. Pregnant women are advised not to take the preparation at all.

Are there any side effects from Guru Prasadam ?

To date, thousands of consumers have taken Guru Prasadam with generally little or no reported side effects. A few persons have initially felt a sense of increased body heat. This can be addressed by increasing water intake. In such circumstances, please don’t swallow the seeds, and only drink the liquid of Guru Prasadam.

Do I still need to take my medications when I gain benefits from Guru Prasadam ?

Guru Prasadam is not presented as a medication but as a sacred herbal supplement to increase your overall well-being, in a short space of time. Please consult a doctor about any necessary adjustments to medications.

How long should I continue to take Guru Prasadam ?

Take Guru Prasadam daily for about three months. However, the amount will have to be adjusted according to response and changing hot or cold weather. You could continue Guru Prasadam for longer periods if you are dealing with a stressful lifestyle. It is perfectly safe to use for very long periods.

Can I take Guru Prasadam if I eat meat, drink alcohol or use street drugs ?

Yes, you can take Guru Prasadam. Guru Prasadam intention is to confer spiritual healing and your overall well being.

Where can I get more Guru Prasadam ?

You can order more Guruprasadam at Also, you can order by phone at the given phone numbers of the allocated international spiritual centers.